Personalised Meditations


Would you like to help a friend ?
Do you need a guided meditation just for you ?

We prepare recordings with words that are pertinent to you or your loved-one. Send us a few key pieces of information and we will make a guided meditation containing, for example: the name of the person for whom the recording is being made, the names of their family members or teddy bear for youngsters (or for any of us for that matter!) The colour of their bedroom, their favourite activity.

Give me an idea of what might be troubling that person and I will slip in a relevant piece of guidance like «exploring the sadness», or «being with the anxiety» or «observing the busy mind or insecurity». This will be a standard Mindfulness of the Breath meditation that lasts 10 minutes followed by bells ringing at regular intervals for 10 minutes and finishing with a closing phrase.

The 20 minute recording costs 45 euros and will be sent in an easy to use format (MP3) to download and listen to on any phone, tablet or computer.
Here are some examples:

Meditation for Sam 12 years old and keen on basketball. This meditation encouraged him to feel the ball in his hands and hear his shoes on the court so that he can stay in the moment while playing. I included Sam’s room upstairs and the sounds of his family in the house. This was a surprise gift to help him with adolescent challenges using his sport as a vehicle for the message of being in the moment. Sam’s mother, Anna, responds below:

“I literally started crying when I began to listen to this. What a beautiful act of loving kindness!! This touched me and Sam deep in our hearts and our souls. He had such a huge smile on his face when he heard what you made for him. He said that he is going to do this meditation every night!!!:) What an amazing opening and connection you just created with him. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this incredible gift for Sam. It is so meaningful and you are such a dear!! So much love and gratitude”
- Anna

For Samantha, aged ten, I included the name of her brother and dog and mentioned that any time she wants to be focused and clear she can feel her breath in her body and come into the moment. She apparently lies on her bedroom floor and listens regularly at any time of day.

Martha wanted a recording for her cousin, Charlene (not their real names ), with breast cancer, a meditation to help her get through the treatment. I guided Charlene to “be with” the fear as best she could, to gradually embrace the difficult in a kind and mindful way and I mentioned the friends who were sending her loving kindness.

Send me some details about the person who will be receiving the meditation and I will get back to you very soon to suggest what might be included in the recording. For children it is nice to mention a sibling, a toy, their favourite place or sport.

When you are ready to order CLICK HERE. Your recording will be available within 10 days and often sooner.